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Highly professional

Tadpole Contracts Ltd are a highly professional team of business analysts, consultants, technical specialists and trainers, specialising in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Technology independent

We are technology independent. We believe that it is the business alignment that is fundamental. As long as the selected technology supports business needs, we are happy to work with the solution.

Truly Global

At Tadpole we are proud to be truly global. We have worked in over 40 countries, on every continent and with many cultures, many of whom we now consider friends.

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Customer relations with a human touch
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Customer Relationship Management is a serious topic and a tough industry to be in – but we love what we do and do it with a smile! Visit our new website to find out more about what we can do for you at
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Meet the team
All play and no work... expanding the scope of your iPad
Over the past year we've been supporting a major project across many countries, which allows pharmaceutical representatives to demonstrate their products using an iPad. The iPad tool is integrated with their CRM system - the resulting intelligence ensures that information is always relevant and bespoke to the customer's needs, can be shared across multiple channels and ultimately helps representatives build stronger relationships.
To make this work smoothly and painlessly:
We created a full iPad installation guide for the representatives, another for Brand Managers and a Reporting Tool Guide - meticulously testing all the systems involved as we went.
Recognising that learning styles differ, we also equipped users with self-guided interactive eLearning courses, which we created using Adobe Captivate.
Adding Cegedim MI to our mix
Last year we added an important new sweetie to our jar, by becoming certified on Cegedim Mobile Intelligence (MI) for Home Office and Administration functionalities. We have already rolled out MI to over 60 users, working alongside one of our clients. The project called on many of our strengths - business analysis, test script writing, managing user acceptance testing, developing training material and training. Tadpole is now providing first and second-line support for all their users.
Since the launch of MI we've also been working on Cegedim Xtelligence, a Business Intelligence tool, to develop bespoke reporting for our client.
If you are a current user of MI, we would love to discuss ways we might help you, either with a new project or with user adoption.
New addition to the Pick and Mix team
We are delighted that Andrew Turnbull has joined the Tadpole contracts group as an independent consultant. Andrew has over 20 years of experience implementing sales force effectiveness projects in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical marketing environment, with organisations such as MSD, Astra Zeneca and GE Healthcare.
CRM Training - it's a lot more than just where to click
As part of a recent project we delivered Opportunities, Forecasting and Quotes training to the global sales force of a leading high tech company. The system involved a challenging and complex pricing model.
Preparation was key! We needed to cover much more than just which buttons to click - our training was a key component of the overall business transition and change management programme. So it was vital to immerse ourselves deeply in the client's business.
Our preparation included system testing and the development of a series of iHelp files (focusing on the "how do we do this" aspects) and online help files (focusing on the "why do we do this" aspects). This helped us to fully understand the system prior to the face to face workshops and extensive knowledge transfer sessions gave us the business context.
We take our role as trainers very seriously because we see ourselves as ambassadors of change. Our Trainers are the link that ensures that business change is coherent, put into practice effectively and therefore does increase efficiency and user satisfaction.
Making sure it does what it says on the wrapper
Over the past 16 months we have been working in a quality assurance (QA) role for a new global tender management system using Oracle's Open UI interface.
Our brief was to reduce the number of non-coding defects and to ensure that non-code defects found in UAT were significantly lower than those found in SIT.
There were many aspects to this:
Developing and implementing a risk-based SIT testing plan.
Incorporating automated and manual testing.
Ensuring data quality (seed data) was also tested.
There were some tense times! We overcame challenges that included nursing a new team through its teething stage; managing team meetings and interactions across many different time zones; adapting to late design changes and coping with key staff changes in mid-project. This was a very demanding project - but the demanding ones are the most satisfying, aren't they?
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